CYGWIN and the home directory

You have to use Cygwin if you want use the GNU tools on Windows.
Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows. After starting Cygwin, the user gets a bash.
Native Linux programs are not running. You have to use special versions.
After installation Cygwin is making a home directory for the actual user. This directory will be entered
at the start of Cygwin.
If the computer is a part of a network there will be problems.
To prevent such situations install Cygwin as local user. Also do not use a name which consists of two parts (e.g. Max Muster).
This is important for some programs (for instance the GNU debugger).

Debugging of FLASH routines

A typical software debug consists of two parts. One part is the debugger running on the pc, the
second part is the debugger stub which runs on the target.
If the debug stab is running from flash, you can not use the single step or a breakpoint inside the routine
where the flash is not in read modus.
For instance it is not possible to interrupt a command sequence while reading the flash id.
You have to set a breakpoint or the "Continue" command to process this special program part at whole.
This limitation exists only if the debug stab is running from flash.